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Housing Counseling

Restoration America’s Housing Counseling Program supports a wide variety of services to homebuyers, homeowners, renters and those at risk of homelessness.  The primary objective of the program is to educate families and individuals in order to help them make smart decisions to improve their housing situation.  Counselors help borrowers:

  • Understand the terms of their lease or mortgage
  • Create a family budget and savings plan
  • Recognize fraud and scams
  • Understand their rights under fair housing and fair lending laws
  • Obtain resources such as eviction prevention assistance or down payment assistance

Our counseling services are available in English and Spanish.

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Our certified housing counselors educate clients about homeownership and the home buying process. Potential homeowners are evaluated for mortgage readiness and eligibility for a mortgage. Counseling sessions are offered to help individuals and families develop money management and budgeting skills that will prepare them for home ownership. All clients leave with an action plan outlining steps needed to meet their housing goals.

For more information, visit our PRE-PURCHASE COUNSELING PAGE

Free one-on-one counseling to homeowners who are late on mortgage payments, or experiencing foreclosure. Counselors work with you to resolve your situation through a variety of means and programs. Our foreclosure counselors will review your budget, develop an action plan based on your individual needs, educate you on all options, work with lenders to find a solution, and provide follow up and referrals as needed.


A Reverse Mortgage may be an option for homeowners, 62 years of age or older, who have equity in their properties and reside permanently in their home. A reverse mortgage counselor will educate and inform the senior homeowner of the reverse mortgage process. Counselors will provide independent bias-free information about the pros and cons of reverse mortgage and how a reverse mortgage works for you.

For more information, visit our REVERSE MORTGAGE (HECM) COUNSELING PAGE.

A counselor will analyze your spending patterns, help you to understand your credit, explain how to use credit wisely, how to address adverse information on your credit report, and create an action plan with steps to take to address your unique situation. Our counselors can help you create a realistic, sustainable budget to assist you to gain control of your financial future and achieve your housing goals.

Our housing counselor will assist with a budget analysis, determination of an affordable rent payment, review any credit issues, and discuss the client’s housing needs and desires (such as number of bedrooms, area of town they wish to live in, amenities, etc.). If the client is ready to rent a counselor can provide referrals needed for any appropriate agencies, rental search engines, and affordable housing complexes.

The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination when they are renting, buy- ing, or securing financing for any housing. Restoration America provides one-on-one housing counseling sessions for clients that believe they have been discriminated against.

The goal for this type of counseling is to eliminate predatory lending practices by increasing the borrowers understanding of the loans they are considering. Counseling is offered to those in Illinois that are required to seek this specific counseling by their lender and are considering some type of non-traditional mortgage i.e. adjustable rate, balloon payment.

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